Driving Entitlement Consent

Please read the information below and submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, to download and complete this form manually please visit our Resources page and then upload the completed document

DVLA notes for guidance:

Please read the notes before filling in this form.

1. This form should only be filled in to confirm an individual’s entitlement to drive. It must be filled in and signed in all cases by the driver and an authorised person in the company. Any forms without the appropriate signatures will not be valid.

2. If your details on your driving licence are not up to date, tell us what the changes are and return it to us so that we can issue a new driving licence. It is a legal requirement that you tell us immediately of any change to your permanent address and/or name. You could be fined up to £1000 if you do not notify us of these changes.

3. If you are a bus or lorry driver and have passed driver certificate of professional competence (CPC) initial test modules or completed periodic training since 10 September 2008 (for bus drivers) and 10 September 2009 (for lorry drivers) and you need these details included in our response please put an ✖ in the box in section 2 with your driver qualification card (DQC) number if known. This number can be found on the back of the DQC card in the bottom right-hand corner. The driver CPC information will be sent to the company separately from the printout of your driver record. If you have any queries regarding driver CPC please contact the Driving Standards Agency in the following ways:

• Phone: 0300 200 1122

• Email: customer.services@dsa.gsi.gov.uk (putting ‘Driver CPC Enquiry’ in the subject field).

4. The company you provide your details to may use a third party to obtain confirmation of your entitlement to drive from us.

5. We have a duty under the Data Protection Act 1998 to protect personal information. To ensure adequate protection, we require the specific consent of the driver before any requests for information are made. Information will only be released for the purpose of confirming entitlement to drive. The consent must be kept by the company making the enquiry for seven years.